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The Pollen Count is Rising!

A bee on a flower.
A bee on a flower.

The pollen count is rising!! Hopefully, you are not suffering, but if you are, do you want to know about a natural remedy? Local honey! Local honey is produced by bees in your area, using nectar from local flowers. (I have added links on how bees make honey because you know I am a nerd at heart, lol !) Unlike commercially processed honey, local honey retains trace amounts of pollen from these flowers. It's believed that consuming small amounts of this local pollen through honey may help desensitize the body to allergens and reduce allergy symptoms over time. You can find local honey at your nearest farmer's market.

The idea behind using local honey for allergies is similar to allergy shots. By introducing small amounts of allergens into the body, the immune system may gradually become less reactive to these allergens, reducing allergy symptoms. 


Choose raw, unprocessed honey from local beekeepers to ensure it retains its natural pollen content.

Start with small doses, such as a tablespoon daily, and gradually increase if tolerated.

Be patient; it may take several weeks or months to notice any improvement in allergy symptoms, so you may still need your over-the-counter antihistamine medications.

(Note: Children under 1 CAN NOT consume honey.)

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Dr. W

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