Premium Pediatric Works Membership Services:

  •     Newborn home visits (within 10 miles radius of practice, separate cost)

  •     Same-day or next day office visits

  • Speak directly to Dr. Works via phone, email, text, or telecommunication

  • ADHD consults and treatment

  • Lactation consults

  • Nutrition consults

  • Prenatal consults 

  • General well-child and adolescent exams

  • Sick visits

  •     Minor in-office procedures

  • Ear Piercing

  • Less waiting times

  • After-hours access for urgent matters

  •     Discount wholesale prescription medications       (separate cost)

  •     Discount routine lab work   (separate cost)

Membership Fees are based on age: consult needed

Pediatric Works never bills insurance or Medicaid for services.


Specialist visits, some prescriptions, non-routine labs, and images can be billed through your insurance.

Telemedicine ONLY Membership Services

The recent events of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has forever shaped our healthcare system. As we practice social distancing to “flatten the curve, our children still need to see their physician.  Therefore Pediatric Works, for a limited time, is employing a “Telemedicine ONLY” membership.


 Maybe you just need to speak to a Physician about your child's stomach pain; without leaving your home. It could be stress, constipation, appendicitis or something more sinister.  Or you have concerns or questions about COVID-19.   Pediatric Works will use video conferencing to answer your questions, prescribe medicine and/or refer you to a higher level of care.  Telemedicine hours will be an extension of our clinic, 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and video conferences unlimited.  A stark difference from other telemedicine services that charge per conversation. 


(Sign up under the Enroll tab and click on the branch named Telemedicine ONLY .)

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