•     Well child home visits (under the age of 2)

  • Home visits available for non-members

  •     Same-day or next day office visits

  • Speak directly to Dr. Works via phone, email, text, or telecommunication

  • ADHD consults and treatment

  • Lactation consults

  • Nutrition consults

  • Prenatal consults 

  • General well-child & adolescent exams

  • Sick visits

  •     Minor in-office procedures

  • Ear Piercing

  • Less waiting times

  • After-hours access for urgent matters

  •     Discount wholesale prescription medications       (separate cost)

  •     Discount routine lab work   (separate cost)




Pediatric Works never bills insurance or Medicaid for services.

Specialist visits, some prescriptions, non-routine labs, and images can be billed through your insurance.

The recent events of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has forever shaped our healthcare system. As we practice social distancing to “flatten the curve, our children still need to see their physician.  Therefore Pediatric Works, for a limited time, is employing a “Telemedicine ONLY” membership.


 Maybe you just need to speak to a Physician about your child's stomach pain; without leaving your home. It could be stress, constipation, appendicitis or something more sinister.  Or you have concerns or questions about COVID-19.   Pediatric Works will use video conferencing to answer your questions, prescribe medicine and/or refer you to a higher level of care.  Telemedicine hours will be an extension of our clinic, 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and video conferences unlimited.  A stark difference from other telemedicine services that charge per conversation. 


(Sign up under the Enroll tab and click on the branch named Telemedicine ONLY .)


Dr. Works and her practice is refreshing for your Dunwoody kids! (X. McGill)

Premium Pediatric Works Membership Services:

Membership Fees are based on age: consult needed

Telemedicine ONLY Membership Services

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