Searching for a telemedicine pediatrician who conducts Pediatric home visits?

Turn to Pediatric Works

It is essential to find a pediatrician you can trust, especially during and after the current COVID-19 pandemic. One who will be responsive to you and your child's needs, take the time to evaluate and understand any problems that arise, and address concerns promptly. Pediatric Works is Atlanta's first Pediatric Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic. We offer a plethora of appointments to suit your schedule preferences, and we prioritize urgent cases so that kids will not have to suffer unnecessarily. Our top priority is providing impeccable pediatric care to all our patients.


For some people, having a baby can be an anxiety-inducing, nerve-wracking experience. The last thing you want to do is take your vulnerable newborn to a doctor's office. That is why we offer pediatric home visits. Dr. Works - an empathetic, experienced, good-humored pediatrician - will visit your home at a time and date that is convenient for you in order to evaluate how your newborn is growing, to address any concerns, and to administer essential vaccinations so your baby will continue to grow strong and healthy. Vaccination rates are dipping as people avoid going to pediatrician offices during the pandemic - but they do not have to dip for newborns when responsible parents sign up for pediatric home visits from Pediatric Works.


Are you looking for a doctor in Atlanta, Georgia where you can have a pediatrician membership? Pediatric Works is the best doctor service for your pediatrician membership in Atlanta. We have various pediatrician membership price points available to meet your family's budgetary needs and personal preferences. You will find that our memberships are affordable, provide worthwhile value, and give you tremendous peace of mind. 


Contact us today to learn about various options and sign up your family for this excellent investment in your child's well-being.