The only Concierge/Direct Primary Care Pediatrician in the Atlanta area, Pediatric Works offers a truly specialized level of care not available elsewhere.

What is Concierge or Direct Primary Care (DPC)?


Concierge/Direct Primary Care is the future of modern healthcare and gives autonomy back to the Patient-Doctor relationship. This model allows patients better access to their physician, which directly influences patient care. In exchange for an affordable monthly fee, patients have increased access to their doctor through in-person office visits, after-hours excess accessibility, along with discount on prescriptions, lab work, and more.

How is Pediatric Works different?

Pediatric Works reestablishes the direct Patient-Physician Relationship. Therefore, we do not accept any third parties' influence, such as insurance companies. This allows the fortitude of a limited patient panel.  Dr. Works has more time to spend with each patient, and same-day appointments are available. There is no pressure to overbook to reach a daily patient quota. Having fewer patients per day means Dr. Works and her staff know you and your child as individuals.

What are the benefits to me and my child?

With fewer time constraints, more one-on-one time is available. Time for gathering important medical histories, undistracted attention, and full discussion of symptoms to understand the totality of medical conditions. Going forward, a carefully created plan is implemented. When physicians have less time for patient care, there is an increase in referrals to outside specialists. Dr. Works can limit numerous doctor visits while keeping patients comfortable with one doctor and one close relationship.


Is this health insurance?


Pediatric Works does not provide health insurance.


Will I still need regular healthcare coverage?


Yes. Concierge/DPC is a supplement to your healthcare coverage and does not replace hospital or accidental insurance benefits. Your insurance and deductible will still apply for major incidents outside of Pediatric Works. You can expect lower costs overall as you are not paying higher monthly premiums and co-pays.  An annual membership with Pediatric Works will be less than most insurance deductibles. 

     Do you take Medicaid?

By LAW, Works Pediatrics CanNOT CURRENTLY receive payment on behalf of patients with medicaid as their Only coverage. Please Contact Us to be added to our waiting list so you can be notified as soon as we are able to enroll medicaid patients. Once medicaid patients are eligible to enroll, they must sign a private pay agreement that states they will pay for services directly and not submit bills to medicaid for reimbursement.


What is NOT covered with my membership fee?


  •   Medications 


  • Specialist, Hospital, ER, and Urgent Care Visits (These services can be billed to your insurance)


  •   Out- of- Office Procedures, Imaging or Labs


  • Common in-house labs and medications can be purchased, separately, at a discounted cost.


Do you administer vaccines?

Yes. Those who choose to delay or refuse immunizations must sign a waiver but are still welcomed.

Do you really do house calls?


Yes! Pediatric Works provides home visits for well and sick visits.  We cover a 35-mile radius from our location at 6065 Lake Forrest Dr. Ste 250 Atlanta GA 3038 (fees may apply).  Your first newborn home visit is on US!


Can I enroll before my child is born?


Yes. Using the Enrollment button. All memberships must be confirmed by our staff before activation.  (This is ideal because we intermittently have waiting lists.)


At Pediatric Works, we believe in transparency.


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